Why not just ban women? The Republican dress code is straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale

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 Note for lawn wedding, prepare guest seats

شنبه 2 تير 1397

Prepare seats according to the number of guests, but be sure to greet the owner of the wedding venue before you prepare, as the seats are likely to damage the grass. So in order to avoid unnecessary claims after the wedding, be sure to communicate well before the wedding. And pay attention to environmental protection in wedding preparation. Get ready to wipe the chair cloth, which you can use when it rains.

  4. Take good care of guests

  When are you going to a outdoor wedding, it is best when sending invitation to indicate your wedding form, for some in the garden or lawn wedding, want to find out what are the guests in advance is a serious pollen allergy, that is about to be careful not to these guests came in around the flower bed, lest cause their discomfort. And don't seat guests with children near depressions, roads, slopes or lakes where there are safety hazards.

  5. Prepare the bridal dressing room

  If you are going to eat at the wedding venue, prepare a place for the bride to change her dress. If there is no room near the venue, a small house can be built around the back of the stage background for the bride to change clothes. And there should be cosmetic equipment inside, or the space that also can use car as change clothes place.

  6. Mosquito prevention

  One of the things that couples need to pay special attention to when they do a lawn wedding is to keep mosquitoes at bay. Especially if a fly flies into the food, the whole wedding will be at a discount. Therefore, the bride and groom should communicate with the relevant authorities in advance and take measures to prevent mosquitoes before holding the wedding, so as to ensure the overall quality of the wedding

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 The state sets the number of days off for marriage

پنجشنبه 31 خرداد 1397

 Wedding honeymoon is very important for every couple, honeymoon travel is naturally to have holidays, so how many days does the country stipulate marriage leave? Before the honeymoon, couples must have a reasonable plan of travel. How many legal wedding days in different places are reasonable? Take a look at the number of days that the state allows for marriage leave in 2013.

  1. Sichuan: 3 days of marriage leave + 20 days of late marriage leave =23 days

  "Article 32 if a late marriage is carried out, an additional 20 days of marriage leave shall be added to the marriage leave prescribed by the state. Married women who have late childbirth shall, in addition to the maternity leave prescribed by the state, increase their maternity leave by 30 days and give their husbands 15 days of nursing leave. Marriage leave, maternity leave and nursing leave shall be regarded as attendance, and wages and bonuses shall be paid.

  If the rural population is marrying or having children late, the people's governments at the grass-roots level may give appropriate incentives. -- regulations on population and family planning of sichuan province (amended at the 11th meeting of the standing committee of the 10th sichuan provincial people's congress on September 24, 2004)

  2. Chongqing: 3 days of marriage leave + 10 days of late marriage leave =13 days

  "Article 28 citizens are encouraged to marry and have children late. For a man who has reached 25 years of age and a woman who has reached 23 years of age or more, it is late marriage, and for a married woman who has borne her first child over the age of 24, it is late childbirth.

  Employees who marry late will have an extra ten working days of marriage leave. For women with late childbirth, 20 working days of maternity leave will be increased. The increased marriage leave and maternity leave are regarded as working hours. Late marriage, late childbirth of the staff, the unit may give a one-time reward or other welfare treatment.

  Delayed, and the female worker that bears a children only, by his application and approval of the unit can leave continuously after maternity leave expires to children one one full year of life stop, the monthly salary according to no less than a vacation during the period of leave before I sent last year is mean monthly salary is seventy-five percent.

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 Wedding photo frame maintenance method material selection has exquisite

پنجشنبه 24 خرداد 1397

Wedding photos are the most unforgettable memories in a couple's life. We must pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times. The following content has brought the wedding photo frame maintenance method and wedding photo album material content for everyone, if you need to know about it.

  Wedding photo frame maintenance method

  Wedding photo frame maintenance method - preservation location

  Normally, when we go to the wedding studio and get the wedding photos, we find a place to put them down. In fact, this is wrong, wedding photo albums should not be placed randomly, and a suitable location should be chosen. First of all, the location you choose should not have direct sunlight, which can easily lead to wedding photos and photo frames changing color. In addition, you can't choose moist places, because the reason of damp will deform the album or wrinkle. If the location is chosen, we can put some desiccant or something next to the wedding photo. Also, if it is a crystal photo album product, it cannot be pressed for a long time.

  Wedding photo frame maintenance method - photo album appreciation common sense

  When we first got our wedding photos, it was inevitable that all our relatives and friends wanted to see them. Here to remind you need to pay special attention to, in the process of watching, must take put down gently, especially the crystal tears album photos, if slightly do not pay attention to the likely break, also pay attention to wear and tear. Because this kind of material photo album is easy to lose the transparency after a little too much wear and tear, it will be difficult to see clearly in the later stage, which is not good.

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 Phoenix coronet frame style wedding gauze photo

سه شنبه 22 خرداد 1397

 Besides western-style white gauze dress, Chinese traditional phoenix coronet gauze is also the dream in the heart of the bride. In today's pursuit of individuality, how to capture the personality style of traditional phoenix coronet gauze? Take a look at the wedding photos of phoenix coronet frame style. Wearing a traditional phoenix coronet and gauze, the new couple showed a bold and exaggerated fashion in an ancient charm, which was rare and unique.

  Personality Chinese style wedding photos 4: wedding photos in the red revolution era

  The red age occupies a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. The wedding photography of the red revolution era style is a hot topic for young couples to take personalized wedding photos. Personality wedding photos, the red army to "serve the people" as the theme, simple military uniform, the traditional hutongs background, with "serve the people" bag, bicycle light scenery as props, such as about the s unique characteristics of love. The simple military wedding photos bear the romantic love of the simple times.

  Personality Chinese style wedding photos 5: han tang style wedding photos

  Although the han and tang dynasties have been far away from us, the han and tang costumes have developed to this day, most of which have added some new elements of The Times. Modified version of the hanfu, tang suit, both retained the traditional design, also with some modern fashion elements, the male version with the version of the design, make integral style is classical and fashionable clothing, clap a wedding photos effect of individual character is dye-in-the-wood. As a kind of new fashion and charm, retro Chinese clothes and tang clothes give wedding photos more vitality.

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 Bridesmaid hairdo details the steps to transform into a stylish and romantic temperament bridesmaid

شنبه 19 خرداد 1397

 This kind of bridesmaid hair style simple hemp braid is braided the way that braid hair, small and broken wave curls cape in the back, white flower adorns, it is very pure and fresh romance but do not break vogue again? Want to know the specific issuing steps? Let's take a look at how bridesmaid hair is done.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 1

  To bang out hair good points, first from the right beginning, take out the three strands of hair, according to the three-ply braid and distribute in the form of the spread of the spread of a to keep from next to borrow from them into a plait, pay attention to the time to compile and distribute a little tight.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 2

  The braid is roughly woven to the top of the ear and is fixed with small black rubber bands. The hair on the left is the same as the hair on the right.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 3

  Take a small bundle of hair out of a fixed braid, wrap it around the elastic, cover it, and secure it with a black clip.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 4

  Twist the hair on the left and right sides, then cross the hair on the left and right sides.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 5

  Secure two strands of crossed hair with a black hairpin

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 6

  Choose small fresh flowers

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 7

  Then will flower according to the trend of hairstyle wear on the hair, this romantic bridesmaid hairstyle is finished, is the practice simple and good-looking.

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 Get married and invite friends to text to share happiness and happiness

پنجشنبه 17 خرداد 1397

 Married, of course to invite friends and family to share the joy. But how about getting married and inviting friends to text

  Wedding invitation SMS 1:

  1, our happiness needs your blessing and witness: we sincerely invite you to attend the wedding of so-and-so and so-and-so -- at 12:00 p.m. on a certain day of a certain year, at a certain hotel and a certain hall. Thank you for your support and care all the time, we are looking forward to your arrival hand in hand!

  2. Hello, I, xx, will hold the wedding ceremony with xx at 11:00 noon on a certain day, at a certain floor and a certain hall of a certain hotel. I sincerely hope that you and your family can attend the ceremony.

  There will be a wedding ceremony for XXX and xx at any time and at any time and at any time (on the day of the week).

  4. I am very grateful to all my brothers and sisters, relatives and friends for their help. On the evening of X month, I would like to express my sympathy to all the hard-working brothers and sisters. Please be there on time.

  5. My most lovely classmates, I xiaoming will hold a farewell ceremony on X day. At this holy moment, I sincerely invite all of you to attend the ceremony with your partner.

  Text message 2:

  6, hello, I am xiao Ming, is scheduled for 2015, 11 o 'clock at noon and month will hold the wedding ceremony with jen, where XXX XX in XX hotel layer hall, sincere wish you and your family to attend, thank you for your blessing.

  7. Our happiness requires your blessing and witness: we sincerely invite you to the wedding of xiaoming and ahua -- at 18:00 p.m. on X day of X day, 2015, xx hotel hall. Thank you for your support and care all the time, we are looking forward to your arrival hand in hand!

  8, dear friends, this moment finally came, I decided to end the day of holding hands with him, and ran to all the little couples to look forward to the warmth and sweetness, and vowed to carry on the happy happiness to the end. Dear friends please join us to share our love affairs as soon as possible. I wish our young couple a happy marriage.

  9, SIMS will say goodbye to the freedom of the sky, step into the grave of love, then also ask you fellows, uncle aunt, brothers and sisters, hand witness I love funeral, in memory of my lost love, pain and happiness I'm looking forward to your arrival, so happy.

  Love home, love wife, love washing and cooking, also love to do cattle and horses. I'm not brother chun or zengge. I'm XXX. I'm not like you. I'm getting married! Time: x month, location: xx hotel.

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The fat bride used her skill to get the s-shaped curve wedding picture

جمعه 11 خرداد 1397

For fat bride, photography is a very happy and disappointed, disappointed is worry about their body image, bring fat bride wedding photos below position, if you are a fat bride is going to take wedding photos again, then we must see.

  The fat bride used her skill to get the s-shaped curve wedding picture

  Fat bride wedding photo pose 1: twist waist and arm rest

  Fat brides can opt for some waist-twisting and armrest poses when taking wedding photos. It may be a little strenuous, but it can cover up the body's excess fat.

  Fat bride wedding photo pose 2: raise your hand to support your chin

  Hands chin this pose is very simple, and the fat bride in this position will also block the excessive meat, but the hand of the bride's chin to relax the nature, or the last out of the picture would have disastrous.

  Fat bride wedding photo pose 3: choose a dress with sleeves

  Fat bride can choose to wear the wedding dress of sleeve, hide thick arm so, the wedding dress of V type neckline suits fat bride very much, can appear sexy and dignified certainly.

  Fat bride wedding photo pose 4: puffy skirt

  The bouffant dress is suitable for some fat brides to wear, so you can cover your waist and hips with extra proud flesh, so fat brides can try it on.

  Fat bride wedding photo pose 5: cover belly

  One hand on the waist and the other hand block the belly, even if there is no waist can be hard to twist the waist out, in the bride's lovely expression, more can show the overall effect.

  Fat bride wedding photo posture 6: fabrics had better compare vegetarian

  On the fabric of dress still can choose quietly elegant better, such as chest and waist do not have too much adornment, look the person also can quietly elegant.

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 Funny wedding vows:

چهارشنبه 9 خرداد 1397

I with singleness of heart, in this state this declaration: after marriage, salary bonus pay, all leftovers turnkey, household chores all dry, everything with wife's words as the highest purpose, to follow two principles: the first, wife is right; Second, even if the wife is wrong, follow the first rule. For detailed implementation details, please refer to the attachment.

  1. When the wife has dinner, she should go with the waiter and scoop out the soup to serve the rice. There shall be no prior use of food.

  2, the wife should be happy to wait while making up, heartfelt praise; There must be no impatience to wait.

  3. The wife should help to iron the clothes and provide Suggestions when dressing. There must be no cynicism.

  There shall be no covetousness.

  5. My wife needs to be chauffeured and escorted by the guests and bodyguards when she goes to work. There must be no act of social security.

  6. When the wife is in danger, she should spare no effort and sacrifice generously. There must be no fear of death.

  7. When the wife is tired, she should smile and massage her back. There must be no chauvinism.

  8. The wife should be brave to pay when shopping for blood. There must be no reluctance.

  9. The wife should praise the dish and eat more bowls. There shall be no partial selection of food.

  10, wife sleeps when want phlogistic summer fan wind, winter warm quilt; There shall be no ACTS of snoring and being robbed.

  11. When his wife is ill, she should take the medicine and forget to eat and sleep. No indifference is allowed.

  12, the wife should give money to be grateful with tears, save money; Extravagance and waste shall not be allowed.

  13, wife's holiday should be personally sent flowers, grand celebration; No passing behavior shall be allowed.

  14. The wife should take pains to carry heavy objects when shopping. There shall be no slacking or worrying.

  15, the wife is bored when want to fight a life performance, colour dress amuse close relatives; There must be no such thing as nothing.

  16. When the wife is upset, she should be gently comforted and relieved. There shall be no act of adding fuel to the fire.

  17. When the wife admonished, she should hold her hands tightly and stand upright. Absent-minded behaviour is prohibited.

  18. When the wife speaks, she should listen attentively and take notes frequently. There must be no act of forgetfulness.

  19, when the wife makes a mistake, she should blame herself and blame herself. No act of harassing a wife.

  20. When the wife goes out, she must be close to her and take good care of her. No act of letting him alone.

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What kind of red wine is used for wedding reception

شنبه 5 خرداد 1397

Look at the color. To see the color of the wine, it is best to have a white background and place the glass in front of it. Of course, the color range depends on whether you taste white wine or red wine. White wines are pale yellowish green, straw yellow, gold, golden, dark gold, Madeira and brown. Red wine has purple, red brown, ruby, medicine brick red, brown. Color tells you a lot about wine, such as white wine, which darkens as they age, whereas red wine loses its color.

  (2) shake. Shake the wine to allow the oxygen to enter the wine. Shake the wine to release the esters, ether and acetaldehyde.

  (3) smell the wine. It has that kind of NOSE. "NOSE" is the word that wine tasters usually use to describe their careers. Pinpointing the NOSE of a wine precisely means that you can recognize certain characteristics of the wine.

  (4) taste. Many new wine buyers take a sip and swallow it quickly. Wine tasting is something you do with your taste buds. Remember it's all around your mouth; The sides of the tongue, the back of the tongue, the tip of the tongue, and extend to the bottom of the throat. If you're like most people, you're ignoring all the important taste buds. The grape wine industry has an ancient incorruptibility: "buy apples for wine, sell cheese for wine". Apples reveal flaws in wine, while cheese tends to soften the wine's smell, leaving you with a more pleasant taste.

  (5) aftertaste. When you've tasted the wine, sit for a while and savor it. Think about your experience and ask yourself the following questions to help you make a deeper impression. Whether the wine:

  Light, medium or strong?

  White wine: how sour is it? Rare, just right, or too sour?

  Red wine: too strong or too astringent? Is it pleasant? Or no more tannins?

  How long does it last?

  Most importantly, do you like this bottle of wine?

  Is the price worth it?

  The choice of a red wine glass

  Red wine can enhance the level of your wedding banquet, but the bride and groom must also choose the appropriate wine glass, so that the color and flavor of the wine can be fully developed. The shape of a wine glass, though there are different, but the main function is to keep the wine aroma, can let the wine in the cup internal rotation and with a combination of air, so the standard for big belly with my goblet cup type, also known as the tulip cup, so they can aroma gathered over the cup. The high foot of the glass is used to hold the cup for the hand, so as not to touch the abdomen of the cup and affect the temperature of the wine, resulting in a change in taste.

  Basic principles of red wine glass selection:

  1. Colorless and transparent.

  2. The belly of the cup should be undecorated to appreciate the original color of the wine.

  3. The material should not be too thick, so as not to affect the tactility when tasting.

  What kind of wine does the wedding party usually use? Wine selection is also methodical, otherwise it is easy to buy wines that do not match the price.

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